2330 Route 33, Suite 101
Robbinsville, NJ 08691
FAX: 609-259-1499



Our October Sold Listings

9 Sycamore Dr – Burlington Twp$213,000
291 W 5th St – Florence$207,500
26 Steiner Ave – Hamilton Twp$207,200
12 Schenk Pl – Robbinsville$445,000
308 Pennington Lawrencville – Pennington$385,000
2 Gallop Way – Chesterfield$392,500
863 E 5th St -Florence Twp$235,000
57 Sparrow Dr – Hamilton Twp$265,000
113 Paddock Dr – Springfield Twp$480,000
116 Sunset Rd – Burlington Twp$205,000
5 Fern Ct – Hamilton Twp$218,000
28 Edgewood Rd – Robbinsville Twp$460,000
257 Petticoat Bridge Rd – Mansfield Twp$235,000
140 Highland Ave – Hamilton Twp$290,000
720 Pennsylvania Ave – Trenton City$74,000
143 2nd St – Bordentown City$128,000
9 Carriage Hill Ln – Mansfield Twp$215,000
4457 S Broad St – Hamilton Twp$190,000
210 Eleanor Ave – Hamilton Twp$155,000
34 Graf Ave – Lawrence Twp$214,000
14 Alessio Ter – Hamilton Twp$620,000
238 Independence Ave – Hamilton Twp$160,000
4 Kay Rd – Hamilton Twp$302,000
521 Lafayette Ave – Hamilton Twp$125,000
17 Copperfield Dr – Hamilton Twp$268,750
74 Patterson Ave – Hamilton Twp$239,900
306 Meadow Woods Ln – Lawrence Twp$114,000
15 Village Dr W – Hamilton Twp$332,000
25 Camp Ave – Hamilton Twp$192,783
19 Holt Ave – Hamilton Twp$205,000
3 New Hillcrest Ave – Ewing Twp$108,500
34 Steward St – Hamilton Twp$175,000
537 Schiller Ave – Hamilton Twp$174,000
1001 W 5th St – Florence Twp$140,000
1235 Park St – Robbinsville Twp$615,000
5 Maple Rd – Eastampton Twp$239,000
1022 E 3rd St – Florence Twp$169,900
34 Elton Ave – Hamilton Twp$227,000
1N Commerce Sq Unit#9 – Robbinsville Twp$280,000
27 Andover Way – Hamilton Twp$390,000
12 Wharian Ct – Hamilton Twp$250,000
171 Garden Ave – Hamilton Twp$255,000
36 Mark Twain Dr – Hamilton Twp$271,000
82 Morton Ave – Hamilton Twp$180,000
125 Voelbel Rd – Robbinsville Twp$445,000
5 Horseshoe Pl – Chesterfield Twp$2,200
6 Wyndham Pl – Robbinsville Twp$1,650
521 Prince St – Bordentown City$187,000

Company Testimonials

Smires and Associates Real Estate staff stand outside Dolce and Clemente’s in Robbinsville prior to their April 16, 2015 staff meeting. (Staff photo by Joe Emanski.)

When Smires and Associates opened for business in 2010, there were doubters in the local real estate community: could a new independently owned and operated agency — even one run by experienced pros who knew the territory well — succeed in a crowded market dominated by corporate powerhouses like Re/Max and Berkshire Hathaway?

Five years later, the question is no longer “can Smires succeed?” It’s more like “how far can the company go?” Trend MLS data shows the company sales volume has grown from $35-million in 2010 to $87-million in 2014, an increase of 248 percent. This from unit sales of 357 in 2014, up from 135 in 2010.

The real estate market has been better overall in recent years, after cratering in 2008. But Smires and Associates hung their shingle out at a fairly bleak time for the industry. Ed Smires admits to feeling a little trepidatious when he and co-owner Justin Reed struck out on their own.


It may not be a boom time for residential real estate, but the central New Jersey market has rebounded enough to encourage the start-up of one new residential agency. Robbinsville-based Smires & Associates, founded by Ed Smires, who has been in real estate for 17 years, has more than 120 listings, even though the firm is only four months old. As of this month, 36 agents have joined the company. The company’s geographical target is Hamilton, Robbinsville, Upper Freehold, Bordentown, and Burlington.

Smires began working in real estate when he was 23 years old. “I was in the construction business and was always fascinated with it,” he said. “It went hand-in-hand.”

Smires, whose father was a factory worker and whose mother worked for McGraw Hill, grew up in Hamilton. He now lives in Allentown. He said he decided to begin his own company after his experience working with bigger franchises, including ReMax, Keller Williams, and Century 21.


Smires and Associates opened for business in 2010 in Robbinsville situated at the back of a house on Route 33. The space was cozy and suited the real estate agency’s needs at the time, but in the six years since, Smires and Associates has grown to where it has more than 65 agents doing around $130 million in business.

The original office no longer suited the company’s needs, so Ed Smires and co-owner Justin Reed made the decision to up the ante and move into a new office twice the size in Robbinsville’s Town Center. On Oct. 7, they held a grand opening party outside their new Town Center office that went deep into the night.

“In my eyes we basically went from zero miles per hour to a hundred miles per hour in terms of having a true professional office,” Smires said. “We were better off with six people in the old office rather than the over 70 that people that were working there.”